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Muse Arts Retreats

You are cordially invited to join Muse Arts Retreats Program Coordinator, TeMika Grooms, on one (or all) of the 2016 Retreats for Creative Minds series.  Each retreat, whether a day-long sneak-away or international excursion, will include socializing with other artists, nutritious food and skill development opportunities.  Each program is designed to meet a different need. The Retreats are specifically geared towards artists and writers and will allow Creative Minds to Connect Collaborate and Create in natural settings amongst their peers.  If you think you don’t have enough time, money or space to be creative, we have the solution.  This year will include retreats to meet and exceed your needs for an Artist Playdate.


Join us for a time of creativity, self-discovery, friendship & inspiration!

Retreats may include:

Morning Yoga & Meditation


Nutritious Meals

Live Model and/or Plein Aire Drawing Session


"Unstructured" Creative Time


Journaling & Guided Self-Exploration

Tools to Support the Artist’s Self-Care 

Hiking & Enjoying Natural Environments

Yoga will be offered in the mornings (optional) in a style that is open to all levels to center our minds for a day of creativity. Artists at all stages of development will experience activities to prompt the creativity within and allow you space and time to work, socialize and gain valuable feedback from your peers. 

Take home tools and support from this day away as you enjoy the company of invited guests and natural environment.  You will return home refreshed and ready to recommit to your craft and creativity.

Muse Artist Retreats include the power of meditation, journaling, & artistic development to support a creative life.



• all people are creative
• time and space are 
   paramount for a creative
• all artists need a time to 
  retreat into nature,
  solitude and the 
  company of their peers.



• Enjoy nutritious food - 
  Chef Prepared
• Healthy food to 
   accommodate a variety
   of diets

Quiet Reflection

• Meditation and Yoga
• Journaling & Reflective 
• Time to slow down

Abundant Creativity

• Group activities provided
  to foster collaboration
• Working Artist Sessions
  to provide work time for
  the abundant artist

North Georgia Mountains

Artists & Writers Retreats - COMING SOON!


Retreat for Artists and Writers who need solitude to work on specific projects.


Stay Tuned...

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