Muse Arts Retreats

The Muse Arts Retreat program was developed by TeMika Grooms to help support people in need of a reprieve from daily life. We want to work with serious artists, particularly writers and visual artists, who are committed to growing within their craft. The retreats are designed to allow time, space and give proven tools used to support creative development.

TeMika Grooms

Program Coordinator

TeMika Grooms is a visual artist, teaching artist and arts activist. Having worn the various titles of artist, mother, wife and engineer, she understands the need for people to be comfortable in their own skin.  In 2014, she released a book titled, ARTISTA: Becoming Mother, Artist and Lover By Any Means Necessary to share a personal story about the skills she added to her toolbox to find balance and reclaim her creativity in spite of life's demands.  TeMika has a passion for fostering creativity in the lives of others.  She has a special interest in helping women find their own personal power and she presents workshops in support of that mission. 

She hosts retreats and events to support people of all walks of life to practice creative self-care in their daily lives.